The HI/AP Group

HENDERSON INTERNATIONAL ASIA PACIFIC GROUP consists of the already well established and recognised individual Henderson International Regional Operating Offices in the Asia Pacific region providing Marine & Cargo Surveys, Marine Consultancy and Business Consultancy to the Offshore and Shipping Industry.

The Henderson International Asia Pacific Group Operations started in 2013 with the amicable grouping into a consortium of the various individual Asia-Pacific Regional Offices extends to provide full Asia Pacific operations through our Henderson International Regional Offices in this Region and our selected network of Associates etc. therein. The Henderson International Asia Pacific Group maintains its forefront standing in the Maritime Industry for operational Commercial Vessels, Offshore Vessels & Industries and, our various Marine Business Clients.

The Henderson International Asia Pacific Group operates through a large network of operating unit offices, with over 95 staff members in the Asia Pacific Region. Each individual unit office of any of the Henderson International Regional Offices therein can call on the resources of the Henderson Int’l Asia Pacific Group to immediately respond to any of its Clients' specific instructing requirements.

HENDERSON INTERNATIONAL Asia Pacific Group is committed to the Maritime Industry, with its professionally skilled and dedicated workforce, in providing its numerous Clients and Principals with high quality services, which an endeavour to improve even further on standards, with the enhancement of experience and expertise of its individuals.

HENDERSON INTERNATIONAL Asia Pacific Group is dedicated to the training of its competent personnel to ensure their continual professional development to meet the increasing demands of this ever changing marine industry, for better and higher quality standards.


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